Results of round 12: Bassirou is going to win the tournament

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Results of round 12: Bassirou is going to win the tournament

Post by SouleymaneK » Sat Apr 19, 2003 02:36

Bassirou Bâ( Sénégal)- Ngolo Coulibaly( Mali) :2-0

Ndiaga Samb( FMJD/Sénégal)- Kissima Tounkara( Mali:2-0)

MOdou Seck(Sénégal)- Kouegueu Léopold(Cameroun):0-2

J.M Ndjofang(Cameroun)- Aman Eugène( Côte d'ivoire):1-1

Ndonzi Flaubert(Cameroun)- Marcel Blélida( Côte d'ivoire):1-1

Aligna Messinga(Cameroun)- Abdoulaye Der( Sénégal):1-1

Daouda Diakité(Mali)- Abdoulaye GAye( Sénégal):2-0

Classification before last round :

BAssirou Bâ :18 points

Ndiaga Samb:16 pts

KOuegueu, Modou Seck : 15 pts

ABdoulaye Der, Ndonzi Flaubert, Daouda Diakité, Aligna :14 pts

Jean Marc Ndjofang: 13pts

Tomorrow morning they will play the last round. We ll see some engaged games in theory:

Bassirou Bâ just needs one point , so a draw is enough for him. But his
opponent ,Daouda Diakité, will ( i hope so) try to win in order to have
16pts, then may be to qualify.
For Ndiaga Samb also a draw is enough : then he will have 17pts and qualify for sure. His opponent Ndonzi Flaubert will try, (i m quite sure :o) , to win of him ,he has 14pts
Abdoulaye Der -Jean Marc Ndjofang must be an interesting game also, DEr has a little advantage, because he has 14pts, Jean MArc, 13 pts.
Modou Seck(15pts) who lost of Kouegueu will play Aligna(14pts). It s obvious that Aligna will try to win in order to have chances to qualify.
. SO it will be an interesting game.
avantage au Sénégalais.

Jacques PERMAL
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A first qualified/1er qualifié

Post by Jacques PERMAL » Sat Apr 19, 2003 08:57

Merci pour les infos Souleymane. Une chose est certaine. Bassirou Ba a obtenu sa qualification pour le championnat mondial.

Thanks for the results, Souleymane. We know now the 1st qualified for the WK DAMMEN. Bassirou Ba will go to the Netherlands
Information : my first priority !!

L'info en première ligne !!

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